Topcentral®coreproducts detonate ChinaReplas2023


On March 2, the two-day 5th China International Plastics Recycling Exhibition was successfully concluded at Guangdong Modern International Exhibition Center! Topcentral® grand appearance at booth A01 and its outstanding core products were unanimously welcomed by a large number of professionals and visitors in the industry. 

After the speech exchange at the previous day (the 27th China Plastics Recycling and Recycling Conference), many industry experts expressed great interest in the new products, technologies and services brought by Topcentral®. During the exhibition, Topcentral® booth ushered in tens of thousands of people, the staff on the characteristics of the unveiled products, innovation points, application direction, development trend patiently and meticulously explained, in the professional field and expert research and discussion, high-quality products, excellent service by many buyers favored, and the next step of exchange and cooperation expressed great sincerity.

Why does Topcentral® arouse everyone‘s interest?
Because Topcentral® brought three "gifts" to everyone


The first "gift"

Topcentral® core products all unveiled

PCR certified plastic Topcircle®,
PCR modified materials,
Some products such as bio-based and degradable materials
"Zero" carbon products have been achieved

The second "gift"

Oceancycle®  debut

Topcentral® marine digital industry chain debut

Topcentral® Through digital technology

Exhibit and interpret marine debris

The road to "rebirth"

Through plastic recycling technology

Turn marine debris into treasure

It also gives mankind a beautiful home


The third "gift"

Topcentral® three major innovation and entrepreneurship platforms appeared in the exhibition area:

1,Elite Talent Digital Innovation Service Platform:

An innovative platform for O2O talent services focusing on win-win cooperation between talents and enterprises, win-win career sustainable development model for enterprises and individuals, digital innovation technology and application innovation in job search scenarios. We will continue to work with industry partners and like-minded people to build a full-industry chain innovation service platform based on new materials and dual-carbon technologies, and use intelligent digital technology, human resource services, and advanced management and innovation concepts to build a new full-scenario occupational ecosystem innovation service platform.

2, Bye Pino digital self-media:

Focus on the digital self-media service platform in the field of dual carbon and new materials, make good use of digital technology, give full play to the power of the media, guide the public to participate widely, form a new trend of energy conservation, emission reduction, green and low-carbon, and help achieve the "dual carbon" goal.

3,CysmartDigital Innovation Service Platform for Carbon and New Material Technology Research:

We focus on the dual carbon and new material industry, especially focusing on specific application fields such as physical recycled plastics and functional modification of recycled plastics, providing customers with one-stop digital intelligent online material technology consultation and services, testing and analysis services, research and development technology analysis, quality system innovation and upgrading, process efficiency, energy saving and emission reduction, process engineering capability improvement, system and product and carbon certification and other comprehensive scientific and technological service solutions. We strive to provide sustainable system innovation services for technological innovation and digital upgrading of the dual carbon and new material industries, and help partners and industries fully realize digital intelligence.

In the process of communicating with experts, Topcentral® once again attracted a large number of visitors, and also attracted exhibition reporters to come to booth A01 for on-site interviews.


Ma Yiming, founder/CEO of Ningbo Topcentral New Materials Co., Ltd., was interviewed


In the interview, Mr. Ma said that Topcentral® participation in this exhibition is not only to show everyone new products, new technologies and new services, but also to build a communication platform with the help of this exhibition, communicate, cooperate and learn from each other, learn from each other‘s strengths, and promote together; Secondly, in order to let more people understand Topcentral® and the industrial chain, in the development of the whole industry of recycled plastics, Topcentral® shows its advantages to everyone, and at the same time learns from excellent enterprises to make up for its own shortcomings; Finally, in this event, Topcentral® will further enhance the cooperation projects and other cooperation with the association, and together with the association, and the aspiring, powerful and basic enterprises will carry out deeper exchanges and cooperation in product research and development, talent training and other related project cooperation, with the help of science and technology, empower the future, and contribute to the sustainable development of recycled plastics and the beautiful development of mankind.

Dongguan ended perfectly
Ningbo is wonderful to continue!

ChinaReplas2023 The 6th China International Plastics Recycling Exhibition and the 28th China Plastics Recycling and Recycling Conference

2023.11.6-10 — Zhejiang. ningbo

Brand new set sail, so stay tuned!


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