Unexpectedly, my glasses can still be stained with aerospace


Contemporary society is most troubled by glasses. I wanted to walk into an optical store, quietly pick a pair of glasses that suit me and pay for it dashingly and leave, but I didn‘t expect to look at the price, 699/1399/2999... Well, the price is expensive, the key is that this material is too much, what pure titanium, TR90, plastic steel, β titanium, plate, metal... The exam is not so difficult. Finally plucked up the courage to ask the clerk what is the difference between these materials, the clerk began to introduce it, the degree deep can choose TR90 full-frame glasses, the budget is high and want to be lighter can choose pure titanium, want to be fashionable and light can choose β titanium, decorative choice of plate, metal, listening to me is really dizzy, casually asked her: Can you go to the sky? The clerk picked up a frame with a price tag of 5999 and said: "I see that you have the vision, it is not okay to take this to the sky, but this material is for making rockets!" ”

So, whats the difference between this frame?

The frame material is mainly divided into metal material, non-metal material, alloy and natural material. In fact, in the process of choosing glasses, we are more familiar with pure titanium frames, plate frames, TR90 frames, wooden frames, alloy frames and so on.

1.Pure titanium frame:

When the purity of titanium reaches more than 99%, the titanium metal material can be called pure titanium glasses. With the same volume, the frame is relatively light, and it is not easy to rust, aging and corrosion, hypoallergenic and other advantages, in the high-end frame, the proportion is very high. It is also a very common frame material. Since pure titanium frames are more expensive, more titanium alloy (memory titanium) frames. It is usually made by mixing 50% titanium and 50% tin. There are also alloys such as titanium and aluminum, whose wear resistance is slightly inferior to pure titanium and β titanium.

Advantages: high strength, not easy to deform, but adjustable frame, not easy to metal allergy. IP plating has high adhesion, high durability and light weight.

Disadvantages: high material price and difficult processing, resulting in higher prices.

2.β Titanium material:

It can be understood as another molecular state of titanium. Although the purity of β titanium cannot be compared with pure titanium, its strength, fatigue resistance and environmental corrosion resistance are more than pure titanium. It is widely used in frames with high elasticity requirements, such as filamentous temples, nose pads, and slim frames.

Advantages: good flexibility, not easy to deform, light weight.
Disadvantages: not suitable for people with height numbers, the weight of the front end of the frame is too heavy and easy to slide, the lens is too thick to affect the aesthetics, can not be adjusted. The material price is high, the processing is difficult, and the price is high.

3.Plate frame:

Plate is a kind of frame material that was more popular some time ago. In terms of appearance, the plate is superior to any other material and is incomparable with metal spectacle frames. The plate is a new type of plastic, bulky and hard, not easy to deform, but the appearance is easily corroded by sweat. Frame characteristics: high strength, sturdy, precision, good quality, durable.

At present, plate frames have been gradually marginalized, except for retro trends, or alloy plate frames.

4.Alloy frame:

Alloy frames are divided into high-grade plate + pure titanium style, this kind of frame is currently selected as a whole or more, the advantage is relatively light, the frame of the plate highlights the texture of the frame, and the alloy temples can reduce weight.

5.TR90 frame:

This extremely light and tough frame, once launched, was very popular, the main selling point is that it does not break, light as a feather, and is also a revolution in spectacle frames. Very practical, light to wear, not afraid of breakage.

6.Plastic steel frame:

Plastic steel is a name that evolved to China, and South Korea is called tungsten titanium (transliteration of ULTEM) glasses. Plastic steel is a high-strength molecular material. The frame is lighter than the TR90 and has a higher level of corrosion resistance and strength. Plastic steel spectacle frames have the same super memory function as β titanium, with environmental protection, flexibility, safety and anti-allergy, and other characteristics, beautiful and lightweight, the average weight of each frame is only about 9 grams, only one-third of the weight of ordinary frames, no longer burden the nose bridge ears. Plastic steel glasses have a strong flexibility to bend 360°, so the integrity of the spectacle frames can be guaranteed. This characteristic allows people who love sports to not worry about deformation of glasses due to collision, nor afraid of deformation of active and cute babies grabbing glasses, too tired to fall on the bed or table to sleep without fear of glasses deformation.

The frame that can go to the sky mentioned at the beginning of the article is made of plastic steel. What we usually call plastic steel is actually PEI, which is a special plastic that is usually used in the aerospace field due to its special properties.

Therefore, buying glasses is a rich and frugal thing, and you can choose according to your actual needs.

Topcentral®  RIPEI ™ rPEI:

PCR Polyenimide (RIPEI™ PCR PEI) is a plastic particle prepared by recycling post-consumer products (including but not limited to high-temperature resistant parts, discrete packaging, automotive parts, SG communication electronic parts, medical devices, etc.) through pretreatment and standardized granulation modification. According to different recycling sources and quality levels, design classification screening, technological innovation breakthrough, performance optimization and high-quality automated production and processing to provide customers with injection-grade PCR PEI particles. The color is the natural color, which can meet the different application needs of industry customers, and at the same time, a full range of customized system solutions can be provided according to customer special requirements.


Product features

1.Fine design and optimization control of raw material sources and quality, strict management of production and processing technology and technical quality standards, stable and sustainable product performance, and traceability of the whole industry chain;
2. The product meets RoHS/REACH standard;
3. Provide carbon footprint, carbon emission accounting and other related data and certification;
4. It can reduce or reduce carbon emissions by more than 80%.

Product brand

TC Post-Consumer Recycled®



FreeCBO2® ("zero" carbon)


Typical product

Application direction

Products are suitable for extrusion molding, injection molding, high-grade products can be used to make various injection parts.


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