"Billions of suns migrate" How can it be done without it


Seeing that the Spring Festival is approaching, the expectation of going home for reunion is getting stronger and stronger. Although this year‘s epidemic prevention policy has been completely released, but everyone is still afraid of the virus, protective equipment is the same, masks, hats, protective masks, disinfectants, alcohol, and a variety of traditional Chinese medicine secret recipes, can be prepared more and more complete, after all, this is the Spring Festival that Chinese attaches the most importance to, and it is not unreasonable to call it "Billions of Yang Migration".

Among the various epidemic prevention equipment, alcohol is essential. At the sudden peak of the epidemic a while ago, alcohol was even more sought-after than the train tickets for the Spring Festival, and many people rushed home in a bucket, and as a result, there was a problem with hoarding: How should alcohol be loaded and put it? After all, it is not convenient to use a large bucket every time, don‘t worry, let‘s solve this confusion next.


Where is the alcohol?



Alcohol is a powerful degreasing and bactericide, and in general, it is safest to put in a glass bottle. However, in our home there will be few special or empty glass bottles to hold alcohol, only plastic containers such as mineral water bottles, skin care water bottles, snack cans and other plastic containers are the most frequent, so these divided alcohol may appear in the finished beverage bottle, used lotion bottle, watering watering can, idle plastic water cup, and even large medicine bottle, in short, you can think of and unthinkable, may be "reused" by the elders at home. Since alcohol is flammable, poisonous and corrosive, can it really be put in plastic bottles?

The easiest way is to look at the "recycling number" of these plastic containers, which we have also introduced in previous articles (click here to review: product application丨9 pieces of 9 "tons of cups" can you buy?). )。 The chart above has clearly told everyone which plastics can be used to hold alcohol and which cannot.

Therefore, medical alcohol can be packed in plastic bottles. Common alcohol bottles in life basically use PET material, which can be used in wine, edible oil and other foods and beverages with strong solubility, and need to pay attention to sealing during use. Do not use non-special packaging such as ordinary mineral water bottles as containers for alcohol, so as not to become a safety hazard.



Precautions for alcohol preservation



Finally, it should be noted that alcohol should not be brought into the car, because a confined space is formed in the car when driving, and flammable substances are generally volatile. When the flammable and explosive gas in the confined space is slowly released to a certain concentration, a critical deflagration state is formed, and if a spark is encountered, it will explode.

When taking subways, trains, high-speed trains, planes and other means of transportation, you must not carry any liquid alcohol products, including alcohol disinfectants, medical alcohol, alcohol, etc.; However, you can carry disinfectant wipes and disinfectant pads as disinfection tools instead.


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