Such as dealing with the color problem of recycled plastics



The shift to higher-quality recycled plastics also exposes solutions to color problems
The necessity of the question. Post-consumer recycling (PCR) plastics are usually:
Gray, waste and pollution of different colors from different sources
A mixture of things. Color variations for post-industrial recycling (PIR) are available
It can be much smaller, but it doesn‘t always conform to the strict face of the manufactured product
Color specification. Brand customers are discovering the use of recycled plastic in their packaging
May mean a change in color design and specifications. Plastic recycling rows
Companies in the industry and chemical industry with technology groups are taking various approaches
Law responds to these challenges.

01 Consumer Brands

Consumers‘ packaging and brand decisions about the color of their bottles and containers are starting to provide indicators of how color is evolving in the circular economy. Reckitt Benckiser Group (RB) has come up with a different approach to packaging colours, i.e. accepting defects in recycled plastic.

Introducing the Finish Quantum Ultimate dishwasher cleaner for grey-black bathtubs last year, Reckitt Benckiser said: "When it comes to recycled plastic, grey is the new green. RB did not try to add pigments or additives (masterbatches) to make it a more palatable black color. Instead, Reckitt Benckiser advertises grey as one of the regenerative credentials. ”

Reckitt Benckiser‘s recycling partner, Veolia, has developed an rPP product that complies with several technical specifications and is used to produce bathtubs with a 30% recycled content. Krzysztof Krajewski, head of finishing and vanilla packaging innovation, said he hopes bathtubs will eventually have higher rPP content, but acknowledges there‘s a lot of work to be done.

"Getting to 30 percent is a real achievement," he said. "It‘s a lot harder than making something out of 100% rPET. We had to address odor and visual deficiencies and make sure the Finish Quantum Ultimate formulation was compatible with the packaging materials we wanted to use. However, the recycling industry is also not ready to recycle and process PP. Until now, it has been difficult to purchase rPP in large quantities because of the small supply. ”

The grey color of rPP has also hindered its growth in packaging as there are fears that it may not be acceptable to consumers, but RB has not been pushed back. Dominik Reichenmiller, Global Brand Marketing Manager at Finish, said: "We have done enough consumer verification that we believe they will not say no to this bathtub. I think it‘s very important that we make something that doesn‘t pretend to be something else – this gray bathtub is clearly recycled. This is not new, shiny virgin plastic. Yes, this is a new message for consumers, but I think they are ready. ”

02 Chemical companies

Clariant is using tools and expertise in the Masterbatches & Additives business to help brands, processors, batchers and recyclers find solutions. The first problem with using PCR materials is that not all colors can be produced from the gray undertone of PCR. Clariant has a tool that performs color absorption calculations and can predict the color produced by any PCR material. It helps designers tell clients how much and what type of pigment to add to achieve the desired color. Color Works tools can help handle PCR color fluctuations from batch to batch.

To delve deeper into PCR issues, Clariant invested in lab-scale recycling line equipment and operated a small plastic recycling plant. Clariant‘s idea is to study PCR materials under laboratory conditions to really understand what happens to plastics when colorant A, additive B are used. The small factory is also being used to test the recyclability of new materials.

Clariant is working on recycling as part of its Group‘s sustainability program. EcoCircle is a major initiative looking at the entire value chain to find the most sustainable and viable solutions for a circular plastics economy. This cross-group initiative brings expertise in all areas, such as pigments, additives and functional minerals.

Clariant‘s first achievement includes a new PCR color series: "Brands can develop beautiful colors even if the recycled polymer does not have the desired color". Clariant‘s booth K2019 showcased PET preforms and 0.5L distilled water bottles produced by Italy-based PET Engineering using rPET in colors developed by Clariant.



03 Masterbatch Company


Ampacet is another leading color company that is making progress in the circular economy. The group launched R3 Sustainable Solutions, an initiative that includes sustainable masterbatch and additive products, collaboration on recycling and conservation projects, and participation in global sustainability initiatives. It says R3 refers to the circular economy mission objectives of reduce, reuse and recycle.

Doreen Becker, Director of Sustainability at Color, said: "The global call not only to reduce plastic waste, but also to effectively manage recycling and recycling processes. To support these goals, we have established regional sustainability teams to support and implement the R3 Sustainable Solutions goal of Colormatching. Our teams in each region represent all disciplines, including manufacturing, R&D, regulatory, marketing, sales and purchasing. Employees are working with schools and local recycling and conservation organizations on projects close to the location of 25 facilities in Ampassete. ”

Ando has developed Blue Edge and Green Edge additives that can counteract yellowing and discoloration that may occur during PCR treatment. They are available for HDPE, PET, PP and PC.

Blue Edge 226 is a masterbatch used to recycle PE to improve the aesthetics of PE packaging. "It increases the brightness of the film by giving a lighter blue tone, resulting in a clearer, fresher appearance and increased consumer appeal," says Ann. ”。 Blue Edge226 also reduces the risk of additional gel formation during rPE processing and minimizes visible defects.

Blue Edge 78 Masterbatch has a similar function of increasing the brightness of PET bottles. It enhances distribution and processability in a novel particulate form that reduces emissions and energy consumption. The Blue Edge 78 is "well suited" for PET water bottles, but can also be used in personal care bottles. It comes in a variety of colors such as green, amber, and fuchsia red.

The group has also been working on sustainable black masterbatches. Rec-O-Black 216 is made from more than 95% recycled and recycled materials, including rPE carrier resins and carbon black pigments recovered from post-consumer recycling of rubber articles such as tires.

04 Topcentral ®rABS color defect system solution

Ningbo Topcentral New Materials Co., Ltd. focuses on the development and innovation of "green and low-carbon cycle", in order to achieve the goal of sustainable development and make its own contribution to the protection of the ecological environment, and launched a new high-quality recycled ABS product - IBISS® rABS-N115CG.

The IBISS®rABS-N115CG product solves the problem of color fluctuations common to recycled plastics from batch to batch. Topcentral® strict color specifications output to customers with stable and uniform products, eliminating a series of problems caused by customer color design and specification changes.

The IBISS® rABS-N115CG product offers the following benefits:

⚫ Stable chemical properties, good corrosion resistance, oil resistance, easy to clean.

Easy processing, good dimensional stability;

⚫ Good hardness, toughness, good impact resistance, not easy to deform, wide range of applications;

⚫ Dyeing ABS materials can be made into various color products according to customer needs, and the product has high gloss and more beautiful.



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