Do yoga pants also have plastic?


Sportswear, which has gone beyond the meaning of traditional clothing and sports, is a healthy new life concept, especially yoga, which is becoming more and more popular with everyone. Do you know what kind of yoga pants you bought are made of? What kind of yoga pants are best for you?


Question 1: What material are yoga pants made of?


Do you still have to ask? Aren‘t the clothes all made of cotton?



Yoga pants and ordinary clothes are different, the elasticity of the fabric, moisture absorption, plastic performance have requirements, at present, more commonly used is nylon (nylon) material yoga pants, compared with spandex and polyester, its advantages are elasticity, moisture absorption, wear resistance, corrosion resistance is good.

About several mainstream materials used in yoga pants:

1. Nylon (alias "nylon")

Advantages: fine, soft, tough, slightly glossy, has a certain degree of water absorption, and the fabric has a certain fluffiness, good recovery, high strength, ranking first among all fibers. Good moth-resistant and corrosion-resistant properties. Good elasticity and elastic recovery, good wear resistance and good moisture absorption effect.

Disadvantages: easy to deform under small external force, poor heat resistance and light resistance, poor durability, poor ventilation and ventilation.

2.Polyester (alias "polyester")

Advantages: high strength, good elasticity, good heat resistance, good wear resistance, light resistance second only to acrylic, corrosion resistance.

Disadvantages: polyester surface is smooth, internal molecules are closely arranged, lack of hydrophilic structure between molecules, dyeing performance is checked, and moisture absorption performance is poor.

3.Spandex (alias "Lycra")

Advantages: better elasticity, better elasticity than polyester and nylon, better light resistance, acid resistance, alkali resistance, wear resistance.

Disadvantages: poor strength and moisture absorption,

The above three materials have their own strengths, so the general manufacturers will match a certain proportion of the fabric according to the market requirements.


Question 2: How do you choose a pair of yoga pants that suits you?


Through the advantages and disadvantages of the above three materials, we can roughly choose from the following three points according to our own needs:

1. If you want a soft and comfortable touch, high requirements for moisture wicking, give priority to nylon (nylon) with high content;

2. If you want to wear and resist and have good plastic effect, consider the high polyester content;

3. If you want to be high and do movements without any constraints, give priority to yoga pants with high spandex content.

With the improvement of environmental protection concept, in the field of sports, many brands have begun to use recycled materials in sports shoes and sportswear. At the same time, more and more consumers hope that recycled materials will be popularized in the field of yoga, and at present, some sports brands have begun to use recycled nylon on the fabric of yoga pants. For example, Baleaf‘s sustainable high-rise leggings, these yoga pants are made of 75% recycled nylon material (PCR PA6) + 25% spandex, its fabric is soft and breathable, squat tested and non-see-through, combining the advantages of nylon and spandex.

Data from the brand shows that for every 10,000 tons of raw material, 70,000 barrels of crude oil can be saved and 65,100 tons of CO2 equivalent emissions avoided.

(Sustainable high-rise leggings)

(Sustainable high-rise leggings)


"Sustainable nylon can be recycled indefinitely. Thanks to a series of groundbreaking research and processing, our nylon and spandex blends contain 75% recycled nylon made from fishing nets. In addition, our fabric design and development team has designed a premium material that feels silky smooth and has double-sided elasticity for easy movement. As a result, our sustainable range enables people to maximize comfort without sacrificing functionality or the environment. Lee, Baleaf‘s lead fabric engineer, said.

Lululemon and Girlfriend Collective‘s yoga pants are made from recycled nylon.


(Lululemon yoga pants)

Girlfriend Collective)


Topcentral® Nairong® rPA6


PCR Nylon 6 (PCR Nylon6, Nairong®rPA6) products are PCR PA6 particles prepared based on post-consumer recycled fishing net wire, automobiles, low-voltage electrical appliances, etc., after pretreatment and standardized granulation modification. The appearance is mainly natural and black, and can provide customers with customized products such as 0ceancycle®, which can meet many needs in injection molding, modification processing, textile spinning, extrusion and other fields, and can provide a full range of customized system solutions according to customer special requirements.


Product brand

TC Post-Consumer Recycled®



Nailong ®;



FreeCB02® ("zero" carbon);

Ocean Partner®;

Product features

1. Finely design and optimize the control of raw material sources and quality of rPA6 and Oceancycle®, strictly manage production and processing technology and technical quality standards, and achieve stable and sustainable product performance, which can realize the traceability of the whole industry chain;

2. The products are mainly white particle products, and the black particle products are mainly recycled glass fiber reinforced modified materials after consumption;

3. Provide carbon footprint, carbon emission accounting and other related data and certification;

4. The product complies with RoHS/REACH standards and has passed GRS/UL2809/TUV/OP/OBP/FreeCBO2®/carbon neutral/carbon footprint/SCS Global certification, and work together to build a pioneering and open Ocean Partner® program;

4. High purity and transparency, extremely low yellowness and very few black spots of impurities;

5. Provide "zero" carbon Oceancycle®FreeCBO2® ("zero" carbon product);

6. It can reduce or reduce carbon emissions by more than 92.3%, and some products have achieved "zero" carbon [cradle to gate];

7. According to customer customization requirements, provide a full range of customized system solution innovation solutions;

Application direction

The product is suitable for downstream deep processing modification and granulation, and can be made into various mechanical parts after modification, and is also suitable for injection molding, spinning and other applications.


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