315 Exposure: Life-saving helmet turned into a deadly blade


315 Consumer Rights Day

Live broadcast room tricked the elderly to buy "miracle medicine"

"Thai Fragrant Rice" - "Flavored Rice"

Radio lecture scam

Live streaming trolls


This year‘s315 Gala

and double-clicked on the hot search


There is also a hot search that is worrying:

Some motorcycle helmets are not of good quality

Become a blade to wear on your head!



"Blade" worn on the head

In a vehicle scraping accident in Zhongshan, Guangdong Province, although the collision was not violent, the cyclist‘s safety helmet was badly damaged, the plastic shell disintegrated, and the broken helmet fragments pierced the cyclist‘s eyes. The quality of electric bicycle helmets is not up to par, resulting in frequent accidents involving consumer injuries.

The 315 party selected the hot-selling electric bicycle helmets on the market for testing, and after testing, 8 helmets could not meet the requirements of the new national standard, and some were almost split in half.


CCTV Finance Weibo video screenshot

CCTV Finance Weibo video screenshot

CCTV Finance Weibo video screenshot


The plastic helmet shattered as soon as it hit

Life-saving helmets turned out to be deadly blades

It‘s scary to say!!!
This pot plastic does not carry it

Inferior helmets are helmet manufacturers in order to compress costs

Made using inferior materials such as recycled material

How can we avoid pitfalls

Choosing a good helmet?

About helmet selection

The editor is in the previous article

I‘ve already introduced it for you

Search for the keywords below ↓↓↓ in the official account

产品应用丨骑帅不骑快 摩托车头盔你会选吗

Teach you to choose the right helmet~


The helmet is small

At the critical moment, it is a life-saving artifact

To distinguish a fake helmet

and buying your own suitable helmet

You can start with the following three points:

1. Collect helmet product information in advance, and improve your understanding of the advantages and disadvantages of helmet materials through learning;

2. Seeing low-priced helmets first consider the price, you get what you pay for, why is this helmet so cheap?

3. According to your actual situation, the helmet charm in your hand does not meet your needs, and then decide whether you need to buy it.

At present, domestic motorcycle and bicycle helmet products have developed strict production standards, and electric vehicle helmet standards have not been officially implemented, it is reported that GB 811-2022 "motorcycle, electric bicycle occupant helmet" mandatory national standard (new national standard), need to be implemented from July 1, 2023. At that time, electric vehicle helmets will implement the same standards as motorcycle helmets, which will better protect the rights and interests of consumers and make regular helmet products truly become the "guardian saint" of safety.



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