March campus recruitment ended perfectly, the next stop: stay tuned


School recruit

2023 "New Topcentral" plan

Be strong Topcentral®

In March, "New Topcentral " plan has successively launched recruitment in Ningbo University, Ningbo Institute of Materials of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, Ningbo Institute of Technology, Zhejiang University of Technology and other colleges and universities in Zhejiang Province Topcentral®.


Topcentral® Ningbo University recruitment site

Topcentral® Ningbo Institute of Materials of the Chinese Academy of Sciences recruitment site

Topcentral® Ningbo Institute of Engineering recruitment site
Topcentral® Zhejiang University of Technology recruitment site

Ningbo University is a national "double first-class" university

Zhejiang University of Technology is a first-class university in the field of engineering in Zhejiang

Ningbo Institute of Materials of the Chinese Academy of Sciences is a first-class research institute in the field of materials


Topcentral® can enter a number of first-class institutes to carry out school recruitment

Explain everyone‘s strength to Topcentral® enterprise

Full recognition of development prospects

This is inseparable from Topcentral® great attention to talents

and comprehensive factors such as sound welfare benefits

This year‘s school recruitment, graduates of various colleges and universities have a stronger willingness to work than in previous years, coupled with Topcentral® recruitment position choices, during the recruitment period, attracted a large number of students to submit resumes, Topcentral® HR also clearly felt: "This year‘s student employment goals are very clear, before entering the workplace has made a full career development plan, clearly know what they want and want to do." ”

After many recruitments, the students who have reached employment intentions with Topcentral® are mainly concentrated in material research and development, management, procurement, human resources, brand operation and other directions. Next, the graduates who come to Topcentral® will start the next stop in life.


The "New Frontier" program continues

Next stop: Stay tuned

The recruitment requirements are as follows

About Topcentral®

Topcentral® is a new material enterprise focusing on green and low-carbon functional materials, bio-based and degradable materials and new material modification R&D and technical services, which can provide you with professional, functionalized and customized new material system solutions covering R&D innovation, testing and analysis, manufacturing, sales and technical services, jointly promote the sustainable development of high-value circular economy industrial chain, and help the beautiful development of mankind. Participated in the formulation of 3 national standards, 46 authorized patents and 202 authorized trademarks.

In terms of talent training, Topcentral® regards identification, introduction, employment, education and retention as the core of talent training plan, and has a perfect talent cultivation system to make customized career development planning and training programs for each employee according to their own characteristics.

Topcentral® compensation and benefits and career development plans and practice concepts are ahead of the industry, focusing on a sustainable and win-win future and development. In addition to five insurances and one housing fund, commercial insurance, project and performance bonuses, excellent employees, special awards, 13 salaries, options and equity incentives, partnership and venture partner mechanism, etc., we take "win-win talents" as the priority strategy of enterprise development.

We value people

Sincerely invite everyone

Want to be green, low-carbon, environmental protection,

Contribute to sustainable development


People with lofty ideals join the firm Topcentral®

Strive together to help the beautiful development of mankind!

We also look forward to your growth with Topcentral ®


I would like to know more about the school recruitment information of Topcentral®

Welcome to telephone, background message and other ways

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