What material is suitable for making a solid rubber shell?


Solid glue is the most common item in the study office, has anyone as puzzled as Xiaobian: solid glue can stick anything, why can‘t it stick to the shell that contains it?

First look at the figure below, here is the structural diagram of the solid glue:

As can be seen from the figure, its structure is mainly composed of shell, cover, screw, and rotating base, and the solid glue can be taken out and used by rotating the screw driven by rotation. Generally speaking, solid glue needs to be sealed for a long time in the shell, so what are the requirements for the shell material of solid glue?

The main ones are the following:

1. Material stability: The shell material should have good physical and chemical stability, and it is not easy to decompose, deform, aging, etc., so as to ensure the adhesion performance of the solid glue during use.

2. Surface flatness: the surface of the shell should be flat, without obvious convexity, burrs, etc., to avoid affecting the coating and bonding effect of solid glue.

3. Affinity: The shell material should have a certain affinity with the solid glue, which can effectively chemically react or physically adsorb with the solid glue to improve the adhesion effect and durability.

4. Wear resistance: The shell material should have certain wear resistance to avoid the loss of adhesion performance of solid glue due to wear caused by friction.

5. Safety and environmental protection: the shell material should meet the relevant safety and environmental protection standards, do not contain harmful substances, and ensure the health and safety of users when using.

6. Easy to process and form: meet the different shapes of solid glue production.

7. High temperature resistance: it has a great effect on the protection of solid glue in production, transportation and daily preservation.

There are two main types of materials that can meet the above requirements: PP materials and ABS materials

About PP materials

1. Good chemical stability: PP materials have good resistance to most chemicals and solvents.

2. Lightweight and stiffness: PP material has low density and high stiffness, which makes it ideal for manufacturing lightweight, strong solid rubber shells.

3. High temperature resistance: PP material can withstand high temperature up to 100 °C, which is very useful during production and transportation.

4. Easy to process and form: PP materials are easy to process and form, and solid rubber shells of various shapes and sizes can be manufactured through injection molding, extrusion and other processes.

5. Low cost: Compared with other plastic materials, the cost of PP materials is lower, which can reduce production costs.

About ABS materials

1. Strong impact resistance: ABS material has high impact resistance, which can effectively protect the parts inside the solid glue from collision and vibration.

2. Good wear resistance: ABS material has high surface hardness and good wear resistance, which can effectively prevent scratches, wear and other problems caused by long-term use of solid rubber shell.

3. Good high temperature resistance: ABS material has good high temperature resistance, can work normally in high temperature environment, and is not easy to deform or melt.

4. Good processability: ABS material is easy to process and form, and can produce a variety of solid rubber shells of different shapes and sizes, adapting to different use scenarios and needs.


At present, PP material is used in the most solid rubber shell materials for learning and office supplies. As the most frequently contacted type of solid glue in daily life, this solid glue has the largest demand, and it is also more stringent in terms of environmental protection requirements and recycling efficiency.


PCR PP Ploypoy®

PCR Polypropylene, Ploypoy®rPP is a plastic particle prepared by recycling post-consumer products and undergoing pretreatment and standardized granulation modification. According to different recycling sources and quality levels, design classification screening, technological innovation breakthroughs, performance optimization and high-quality automated production and processing, to provide customers with extrusion grade, injection grade, blow molding grade rPP particles, color including but not limited to natural color, black, white, etc., can meet the different application needs of industry customers, and can provide a full range of customized system solutions according to customer special requirements.

Product brand

TC Post-Consumer Recycled®,




FreeCB02® ("zero" carbon product);

Product features

1. Fine design and optimization control of rPP raw material source and quality, strict management of production and processing technology and technical quality standards, stable and sustainable product performance, and traceability of the whole industry chain;

2. The products are mainly high-grade white PP, covering designated colors (including but not limited to black, white, etc.) and other products;

3. The product meets ROHS/REACH/FDA standards. The well is certified by GRS/TUV/OBPSCS Global/Oceancycle®plastic;

4. Provide carbon footprint, carbon emission accounting and other related data and certification;

5. It can reduce or reduce carbon emissions by more than 70%, and some products can achieve "zero" carbon [cradle to gate];

6. According to customer customization requirements, provide a full range of customized system solution innovation solutions;

Typical products

Application direction

Products are suitable for blow molded products such as cosmetic bottle bodies, extruded film/plates, various injection molded parts and other fields.



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