World Forest Day and World Meteorological Day double carbon reduction


March 21

World Forest Day

March 21

It is World Forest Day

Also known as the "World Forestry Festival"

Forests serve as the lungs of the earth

Not only does it purify the air

It can also prevent soil erosion, wind and sand fixation,

Regulating the climate, improving the environment, protecting species diversity...

The role of forests is self-evident

But human development is multifaceted

Sustainable development cannot rely solely on forests

Over the years, in the process of human development, due to the overexploitation of natural resources, the forest area has also begun to be greatly reduced, causing many difficulties to sustainable development. The establishment of "World Forest Day" marks the continuous decline of global forest resources, triggering the awakening of many ecological and environmental problems, aiming to call on people to pay attention to forests, protect forests, and explore a green development path of harmonious coexistence between man and nature.

At present, green development on energy conservation, emission reduction, low carbon, double carbon put forward more scientific standards, in addition to forests, can also focus on other areas to seek better solutions, waste plastic recycling, the use of recycled materials in life is one of the ways to achieve low-carbon, green development.

According to statistics, a tree can store pollutants discharged by a motor vehicle driving about 16 kilometers per year, and an acre of forest can absorb about 67 kilograms of carbon dioxide and release about 49 kilograms of oxygen per day. Recycling 5 million beverage bottles is equivalent to saving 720 tons of oil, reducing 360 tons of carbon dioxide and planting 5,125 trees.

Waste plastic recycling generally has two kinds of physical recycling and chemical recycling

World Forest Day initiative

Make everyone pay more attention to environmental protection

For low-carbon, green and sustainable development

Scientific guidance was given in propaganda

At the same time, protecting forests can also regulate the climate

Reduces CO2 in the air

Increases oxygen content

Promote a virtuous circle between forests and climate

Nature security for sustainable development


Meteorology is closely related to forests

It is equally important

On March 23

We ushered in at the same time

World Meteorological Day

China is one of the founding members of the World Meteorological Organization

Climate change is taken very seriously

Over the years, through afforestation, energy conservation and carbon reduction

It has made an important contribution to regulating the climate

And solemnly promised

CO2 emissions aim to peak by 2023

Strive to achieve carbon neutrality by 2060

of strong measures and policies

But globally

Greenhouse gas emissions continue to rise

According to data from the China Meteorological Administration in 2022, the carbon dioxide concentration detected in Qinghai Wariguan in 2020 increased by about 2.5ppm compared with 2019;

According to the WMO Greenhouse Gas Bulletin 2020 published by the United Nations World Meteorological Organization (WMO) in 2021, CO2 concentrations increased by about 2.5 ppm in 2020;

According to greenhouse gas data from the National Oceans Chess Game, radiative forcing caused by atmospheric long-lived greenhouse gases increased by about 47% in 2020 compared to 1990.Of this, carbon dioxide contributes more than 80%. Numerous data visually show that global carbon dioxide concentrations continue to rise, and the situation remains serious.

There are two main reasons for the rise in temperature:

First, a large number of fossil fuels such as coal and oil are burned;

The second is the indiscriminate deforestation of primary forests, which reduces the ability to absorb carbon dioxide.

Whether it is "World Forest Day" or "World Meteorological Day", the common theme advocated is to hope that everyone can attach importance to environmental protection, resource recycling, and create a beautiful living environment of green development, low-carbon energy saving and harmonious regeneration for the earth‘s ecology and human society.

So what can we do

What to do for forests?

What to do for meteorology?

What is being done to reduce carbon emissions?

1. As an enterprise

Whether it is a large enterprise or a small and medium-sized enterprise, under the background of national dual carbon, it is necessary to connect resources and information in multiple industries, broaden the sources of low-carbon channels for products to achieve low carbon, combine relevant national policies, carry out low-carbon upgrading of existing products from the source, and formulate exclusive energy-saving and emission-reduction production plans through strong alliances with professional enterprises, learn from experience, and combine technical means. At present, in the plastics industry, enterprises based on recycled materials are thriving on the road of low-carbon and green development, and have rich "low-carbon experience".

Topcentral® As a new material technology enterprise focusing on sustainable and low-carbon functional materials, bio-based and degradable materials and new material modification R&D and technical services. In recent years, a variety of products and projects have obtained/been selected as "zero" carbon products, GRS/UL2809/TUV/ITE/OBP/"Zero" carbon certification, carbon neutral product certification, blue carbon neutrality pioneer award, 2022 China-Europe carbon neutral innovation cooperation demonstration project, etc., can provide professional, high-performance, functional and customized new material system innovative solutions.

2. As individuals

Focusing on plastic waste recycling and using recycled materials is one way to do this. Take daily life, such as ballpoint pens, thermos cup shells, beverage bottles, laundry detergent bottles, household appliance shells, etc. are mostly made of plastic, if not treated, these waste plastics are likely to be incinerated and buried, and a large amount of waste gas will be produced during the incineration process, improving the greenhouse effect, and material waste will further aggravate the refining of oil, so that in the past it will be a vicious circle. In life, sorting waste plastics in advance, facilitating the later classification of recycling staff, and the use of recycled material products can also contribute to their own "low-carbon" power and do some small things within their ability for climate regulation.

Of course, there is still a long way to go to reduce carbon emissions, and the development of the circular economy system requires the participation of governments, enterprises, individuals, and the whole society. Topcentral® will continue to focus on the development, application, recovery and recycling of new materials, improve the quality and scope of application of recycled materials, cooperate with all parties to innovate and cooperate, and continue to work hard to help build a clean environment with low carbon, carbon peaking, energy conservation and emission reduction, green and sustainable development. Topcentral® will also take the lead in formulating scientific industry norms and standards, combine the development trend of the industry, and work with many parties to create more low-carbon, "zero" carbon and green products, so as to contribute to the beautiful development of mankind and sustainable development in the future.




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