In the eyes of AI Topcentral®


Recently, AI software has been on fire

Powerful information search capabilities

Automatic learning ability

Write code, do analysis

In the opinion of netizens

This kind of AI is almost heaven and earth


Since it can do so

Then let‘s ask about it

About the development prospects of the recycled plastics industry

How it looks


Talk about your prospects for the recycled plastics industry

The answer was very official hahaha


Which recycled plastic do you think is the most promising?

AI: The most promising recycled plastics of the future will depend on their balance in terms of sustainability, economics and performance, as well as their actual performance in a wide range of applications.

I am curious whether it was analyzed by itself or copied from which document hahaha


Which companies will be in the future

All recycled materials on plastic products?

AI actually analyzed that well-known brands + large enterprises + emerging startups are important participants in recycled materials, which is not like copying from the literature, continue to ask!!!


In addition to environmental awareness

Do they use recycled materials for any other purpose?

Here the editor has questions

Are recycled materials generally cheaper than raw materials? Questioning!!!

Many recycled materials on the market are more expensive than raw materials~

However, points 1, 3 and 4 still make sense, recycled materials do save resources, and many modified recycled materials are indeed better than new materials, and the values of sustainable development are also in line with the current development concept.

How do I feel that AI is talking about the edge Topcentral®?

Hahaha ~~~


In the future, we will focus on the areas where recycled materials will be used in large quantities

Packaging and containers, construction and furniture, textiles and clothing, energy, agriculture and food, these are some of the tracks that chatGPT believes have potential.

Finally, let it introduce Topcentral® ~~~


Tell us about Topcentral®

About Topcentral®:



Focus on sustainable and low-carbon functional materials, bio-based and degradable materials and new material modification research and development and technical services. Topcircle® products include general plastic series [TcycleG], engineering plastics series [TcycleEP], special plastics series [TcycleSP®], thermoplastic elastomer [TcycleElast®], 3D printing PCR additive [TcycleAM™] and other brands and technical services, including but not limited to rPC [PCR PC®], rABS [IBISS®], rPET [TC-Rester®], rPA6/66 [Nairong®], rPP [Ploypoy®], rPE [Poisye®] and other almost all kinds of plastic varieties, integrating R&D innovation, testing and analysis, manufacturing, sales and technical services, etc., to provide professional, high-performance, functional and customized new material system innovative solutions. ™

The editor thinks it‘s okay, what do you think?

If you have ideas, leave a message in the comment area~

Note: The above dialogue is not from chatGPT

—— E N D ——



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