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- April 17 Shenzhen World Exhibition 16B45 -


On April 17, the 2023 Adsale Exhibition will be grandly opened at the Shenzhen World Exhibition and Convention Center, after careful design and comprehensive preparation, Topcentral ® has completed all the preliminary preparations, waiting to be officially unveiled on Monday.


So what are the highlights of Topcentral ®this time? The core content is not to be missed, come! Let‘s take a look with the editor!!!


Point 1: PCR Taosu ™Topcircle® core products were all unveiled




Focus on sustainable and low-carbon functional materials


——Helping the industry reduce carbon emissions


Topcentral‘s ® core products


rPC (PCR PC®),




rPP (Ploypoy ®),


rPE (Poisye ®),


rGPPS (Gipurpose®),


There are nearly 20 kinds of rPET (TC-Rester ®) and so on


PCR certified plastic Taosu ™Topcircle® will all be unveiled in the exhibition area, while lotion bottles, medicine boxes, cosmetic boxes, lipstick covers, storage boxes, eyelash curlers, battery car battery shells, computer monitor shells and other parts made of these materials will also be unveiled one by one, showing the traceability process of the whole industry chain and sharing low-carbon experience.





Ocean recycling system solutions – the road to the rebirth of marine waste plastics


Marine recycling, an industry problem. Marine plastic waste is large and widespread, making it more difficult to recycle than on land. Topcentral has already begun to take action, and the photo frames, mice, pens, shopping bags/backpacks, electric toothbrushes, luggage and other parts made of Topcentral ® marine recycled materials will be displayed together at this exhibition.


How is plastic from marine waste recycled? What are the specific processes? Come to 16B45 to answer for you on the spot~


It is worth mentioning that the Ocean Recycling Electric Toothbrush is Topcentral‘s ® first component made of marine recycled materials, and will also be unveiled at this exhibition.


(High-value application of marine recycled materials in electric toothbrushes)


Highlight 2, modified plastic PCRBlend ™ debuted


PCRBlend™ products include:








MrPC[ rPCBlend™]、


MrPCAlloy[ rPCAlloyBlend™]、


MrPA[ rPABlend™]、


MrPBT [rPBTBlend™] and other almost all kinds of plastic varieties.


In order to improve the development of new energy supporting industries, Topcentral® has developed a variety of PCR-modified plastic products such as rPC, rABS, rPET, rPA6, rPBT, rPP and other PCR modified plastic Pida ™PCRBlend™ products in the field of new energy materials for the first time, which can be applied to new energy vehicle interiors, new energy fast charging heads, charging pile shells, etc.;




(Automotive Interior Door Handle Application)


Highlight 3: Leading the way for new sustainable solutions, and the product launch conference was held at the same time


After the exploration and summary of Topcentral ® in the field of regeneration, on April 17, we will share the new solutions that can be implemented in the recycling industry at booth 16B45, and conduct new technologies & new products & new applications, including:


  1. "Committed to Sustainable Innovation - Topcircle® PCR Recycling Recycling Material Solution for All Categories"
  2. "Functional Customized Solution for Recyclable Materials"
  3. Food Safety - Innovative Application of Recyclable Materials
  4. "TcycleAM™ Recyclable Materials Help Low-carbon 3D Printing"
  5. "Blue Ocean Partnership ™ Program Ocean PartnerI®--Realizing Oceancycle® Business Model and Public Welfare Ecology Long-term Win-Win"
  6. "ITEcycle® opens the intelligent digital closed-loop application of 3C products"
  7. "ReAutoLoop® Solution--New Energy and Vehicle Recyclable Solution"


Point 4: The core team is ready to go, and the integration of resources is more interesting


It is reported that in order to better serve every visiting friend, the core team of Topcentral ® ® will all come to the booth 16B45 next Monday to do a good job in product explanation, professional consultation and service for everyone, at present, all members of the core team have completed professional etiquette training. During the rest and exchange period, we prepared snacks, pastries and drinks, warmly welcomed every visiting friend, please believe that we have enough confidence and ability to serve everyone well.


During this period, Topcentral‘s ® team is carefully scrutinizing every specific detail of the exhibition, and will follow up the first-hand information of the industry in real time, integrate and grasp the latest resources and progress of enterprises and industries from multiple angles such as technological innovation, development trends, product applications, sustainable development, carbon emission solutions, etc., to ensure that the latest, most complete and high-quality new products, new technologies, new applications, new solutions and new concepts can be shared with everyone on the day of the exhibition.


General view of the exhibition hall


Topcentral ®Hall 16 booth



Topcentral ®16B45 booth





April 17-20




Shenzhen World Exhibition & Convention Center


Topcentral ® booth: 16B45


® We welcome you





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