Digital development is becoming stronger and stronger, and Topcentral ® uses dig


"According to the latest data released by the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, by the end of 2022, the numerical control rate of key processes and the penetration rate of digital R&D and design tools of industrial enterprises reflecting the level of industrial digitalization have reached 58.6% and 77% respectively, and more than 81 million units (sets) of key industrial Internet platform connection devices have been connected, covering 45 industry categories of the national economy, basically forming a comprehensive, characteristic and professional multi-level industrial Internet platform system."


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Facing the critical period of digital transformation of China‘s manufacturing industry, and at the same time, it is also an inevitable transformation requirement for the high-quality development of green, low-carbon, sustainable development circular economy, Topcentral ® takes "becoming a functional professional platform driven by digitalization, technological innovation and win-win talents" as its corporate vision; "Intelligent technology (artificial intelligence, blockchain technology, cloud data services, big data, algorithms, 5G, Internet of Things, etc.)" as one of the six development strategies of enterprises; "Digital Supply Chain Center" as one of the three strategic departments, as well as intelligent equipment, cutting-edge manufacturing...


Topcentral® digital platform

  1. Official website

Here you can multi-dimensional access to the core information of Topcentral ®, read corporate culture and product dynamics in an all-round way, and gather business partners to build cooperation opportunities on one network. In the future, Topcentral ® will continue to update and upgrade to create more rich and diversified service experience.


Official website (Chinese):


Official website (English):


The official platform also includes the digital marketing center, R&D innovation research center, human resources innovation center, digital supply chain center, as well as the official account platform, new media platform and mini program of Topcentral ® official B station and official Weibo account:


  1. Topcentral Mall WeChat mini program


Topcentral ® continues to optimize the user experience mode and launched the WeChat mini program Topcentral ®Mall online service to facilitate mobile client users. Users can find our core products on the Topcentral® Mall mini program, place orders online, and provide one-stop comprehensive innovation services.


You can also open the WeChat search bar to enter keywords and use them directly.


  1. Digital supplier system


It is an information management platform that meets the business needs of Topcentral® procurement management, which can not only realize the matching and information sharing of supplier management, sourcing, order execution, and improve the  procurement speed and supply chain management and monitoring level; It can also form a high-value supply chain system with strong operability, safety, efficiency, standardization and standards, shorten the business management cycle time, reduce the procurement cost of enterprises, and help enterprises build a green and intelligent supply chain.




  1. Cysmartt® dual-carbon new material technology research digital innovation service platform



Focus on the dual carbon and new material industry, especially focus on the whole industrial chain of physical recycling and high-value technology, chemical recycling and functional modification of recycled plastics and other specific application fields, provide customers with one-stop digital intelligent online material technology consultation and services, testing and analysis services, research and development technology analysis, quality system innovation and upgrading, process efficiency, energy saving and emission reduction, process engineering capability improvement, system and product and carbon certification and other comprehensive scientific and technological service solutions.


5) Bye Pino™


Digital self-media platform



Focus on the digital self-media service platform in the field of dual carbon and new materials, make good use of digital technology, give full play to the power of the media, guide the public to participate widely, form a new trend of energy conservation, emission reduction, green and low-carbon, and help achieve the "dual carbon" goal.


  1. Digitalization of ELIT™ talents


Innovative service platform



It is an O2O talent service innovation platform focusing on win-win cooperation between talents and enterprises, win-win career sustainable development model for enterprises and individuals, digital innovation technology and application innovation of job search scenarios.


  1. Topcentral® self-media matrix industry news service platform


Create short video and news accounts such as Douyin, Toutiao, Zhihu, and Channels, share corporate dynamics and industry information, and use content means to generate sales effects and achieve marketing integration;



Topcentral ® self-media matrix platform (partial)


  1. Topcentral® digital supply chain ERP system


Using cloud ERP and EMS manufacturing management system, open up all external supply chain and internal supply chain circulation, through the digital management and display of the whole process, clearly and clearly realize the whole process tracking and management.



Topcentral ® digital supply chain ERP system


Next, Topcentral ® will continue to update and upgrade the digital system to create more rich and diversified service experience.



 Through the comprehensive application of digital technology, whether from the front-end or back-end of industrial development, as well as the front-end and back-end and external links within the enterprise, digital technology is more convenient and reliable in data acquisition, effectively improving the seamless connection between Topcentral® and the upstream and downstream of the whole industry of recycled materials, comprehensively improving the internal and external collaboration efficiency of the enterprise, and fully meeting the transformation requirements of the development of green and low-carbon circular economy.


The reason why Topcentral, which has just been established, can obtain the recognition of the industry in a short period of time is not only external pressure and encouragement, but also Topcentral® own courage to charge, dare to meet the challenges of the times, and be good at discovering the opportunities of the times. In the future, Topcentral® will further improve the operation process of enterprises with the help of digital technology, integrate existing resources through digital technology, further share its low-carbon experience, and make more contributions to the green, low-carbon and sustainable development of the industry.




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