Kind reminder: Tourism special forces remember to travel low-carbon, environment


May Day International Labor Day




May Day

It is a holiday that belongs to every worker

Topcentral® Wishing everyone in advance

happy International Workers ‘ Day!

Three years of epidemic

Everyone has been suppressed at home for three years

Many people want to travel

Pursuing "Poetry and the Distance"

Release the long-suppressed soul

But this year‘s May Day will be a sea of people again

How many people are there on May Day this year?


According to relevant information on China Daily website:

The railway department has sold 46.57 million train tickets during the May Day holiday transportation period (April 27th to May 4th).

The train alone has 46.57 million people traveling, and combined with self driving tours, airplanes, buses and other modes of transportation, there will be a huge passenger flow across the country. At the same time, it indicates that this year‘s May Day cultural and tourism consumption will hit a bottom and rebound, and the economic recovery may have a turning point around May Day.

On the other hand, faced with the huge influx of people and potential environmental pollution on May Day, Topcentral® Advocate everyone to become an "environmentally friendly and low-carbon travel special force", to travel green and protect the environment.

The cultivation method of ‘Environmental Protection and Low Carbon Travel Special Forces‘:

  1. Garbage classification, such as separating the bottle body and bottle cap into a recycling device for easy sorting by recycling personnel in the later stage;
  2. Try to use electronic bills or registration to reduce the use of ink and paper;
  3. Try not to drive and choose low-carbon transportation. According to statistics, cars emit 2.34kg of carbon per 1 liter of gasoline, airplanes emit 0.18kg of carbon per kilometer, and buses/long-distance buses/trains emit 0.062kg of carbon dioxide per kilometer;

  1. Self prepared environmentally friendly tableware does not require disposable tableware. Data shows that for every 5000 pairs of wooden disposable chopsticks processed, a 30 year old poplar tree is consumed. Reducing the use of disposable chopsticks can help protect the forest;
  2. Reduce plastic packaging. Plastic packaging can cause "white pollution", which is not easy to recycle and cannot be naturally degraded. It is recommended to avoid unnecessary packaging and prioritize the use of environmentally friendly packaging materials;
  3. Moderate consumption, according to one‘s own needs, do not waste.


May Day spring is warm and the mountain flowers are blooming

It‘s a great day for travel

But as the economy recovers

Further release of consumer vitality

Even if May Day is off

Topcentral® Will continue to hold onto their positions and carry out production

Deliver the products required by customers on schedule

Topcentral® Wishing you a pleasant holiday again!


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