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About us




Topcentral® We are a new material enterprise specializing in the research and development and technical services of green and low-carbon functional materials, bio based and biodegradable materials, and new material modification. We can provide you with specialized, functional, and customized new material system solutions covering research and development innovation, testing and analysis, production and manufacturing, sales, and technical services. Together, we promote the sustainable development of the high-value circular economy industry chain and contribute to the beautiful development of humanity. Participated in the development of 4 national standards, authorized 48 patents, and authorized 203+trademarks.




corporate culture


  1. Our Mission

Assisting the Beautiful Development of Humanity


  1. Our Vision

Becoming a functional professional platform driven by digitization, technological innovation, and talent win-win situation


  1. Our work philosophy

Pragmatic, efficient, and sustainable




About position



Director of Human Resources


Job responsibilities:


  1. Based on the company‘s development strategy, organize the formulation of short, medium, and long-term human resource work plans, develop a complete set of human resource management systems, and organize their implementation;


  1. Establish and improve a human resource management system, formulate and organize the implementation of human resource management systems (including recruitment, training, performance, compensation, and employee development);


  1. Fully responsible for the daily work of the company‘s human resources department and the management, guidance, training, and evaluation of department employees;


  1. Regularly provide special suggestions on human resource strategy, organizational construction, administrative management, and other aspects to senior decision-makers, and provide human resource information support for major decisions of the company;


  1. Strengthen the prediction and overall planning of the company‘s human resources, and adjust the organizational structure, personnel structure, and salary and welfare benefits reasonably based on the operational and market conditions of each project;


  1. Responsible for building the core team and business team backbone of the company, and promoting the core talent training plan within the company;


  1. Responsible for department team management, proficient in the screening and selection of various mid to senior talents, and improving the company‘s talent reserve and team building;


  1. Timely handle major issues in the company‘s personnel and administrative management, and be responsible for the construction of the company‘s corporate culture;


  1. Standardize and improve the company‘s administrative management system, formulate and improve various administrative systems, and provide various administrative and logistical support.



Job requirements:


1.At least 8 years of relevant work experience;


  1. Have a systematic understanding and practical experience accumulation of human resource management models, advanced human resource concepts, and be able to guide the work of various functional modules; Having experience in group management is a priority;


  1. Possess strong leadership and management skills, good at communication, excellent organizational and coordination skills, as well as analytical and judgment abilities;


  1. Familiar with relevant national and regional laws, regulations, and policies;


  1. Possess strong planning and execution abilities.




Chief Financial Officer


Job responsibilities:


  1. Organize the preparation of annual comprehensive financial plans and control standards based on the company‘s medium and long-term business plans;


  1. Establish and improve a financial management system, and exercise overall control over the daily management, annual budget, and fund operation of the finance department;


  1. Responsible for the preparation of financial statements and financial budget and final accounts, providing timely and effective financial analysis for company decision-making;


  1. Organize, plan and manage the company‘s tax revenue;


  1. Accurately monitor and predict cash flows, determine and monitor the reasonable structure of the company‘s liabilities and capital;


  1. Provide suggestions and decision-making support for the company‘s major investment, financing, mergers and acquisitions, and participate in risk assessment, guidance, tracking, and control;


  1. Establish and maintain good relationships with relevant government departments such as finance, taxation, banking, securities, and intermediary agencies such as accounting firms, timely obtain policy information, and create a favorable external business environment;


  1. Have strong financial analysis and prediction, investment and financing, and risk prevention abilities, and have a deep understanding of enterprise capital operation;  


  1. Familiar with national fiscal and tax policies, relevant laws and regulations, familiar with the workflow and business situation of banking and tax systems, and familiar with international accounting standards


Job requirements:


  1. Bachelor‘s degree or above in finance and finance, with qualifications such as intermediate accountant or certified public accountant, aged between 30 and 42 years old;




2.At least 7 years of financial practical experience, with at least 3 years of financial director or 5 years of financial manager experience;


  1. Possess certain investment and financing experience and financial resources, and have the ability to manage funds and maintain and increase their value;


  1. Integrity, strong sense of responsibility, rigorous work style, and meticulous and serious work;


  1. Strong communication and coordination skills, good discipline, teamwork, and innovative spirit.


Modification R&D Engineer


Job responsibilities:


  1. Responsible for the modification research of engineering plastics (PC, ABS, PET, PA, etc.) or elastomers


  1. Responsible for the formulation design and adjustment of materials that meet customer needs, accurately grasping the actual application requirements of customers for materials, and independently conducting formulation design; Recommend material plans;


  1. Responsible for collecting and organizing technical data related to plastic modified materials, and accumulating technology;


  1. Organize the development and application of new products, processes, and materials.


Job requirements:


  1. With over 2 years of experience in material research and development, familiar with various formulas, processing techniques and equipment, as well as testing and application testing, proficient in operating single screw and double screw equipment;


  1. Possess rich practical experience in PC modification, PC/ABS modification, ABS flame retardant and reinforcement modification, PA6/66 modification, or PP modification;


  1. Familiarize and understand various testing, application testing evaluation, industry standards and specifications, etc;


  1. Familiarize oneself with product development experience and successful cases in markets such as household appliances, consumer electronics, low-voltage appliances, automobiles and public transportation, and new energy;


  1. Hardworking and willing to constantly learn and innovate;


  1. Master‘s degree or above, and outstanding talents are allowed to be extended to undergraduate degrees.


Regional Sales Manager/Director


Job responsibilities:


  1. Under the leadership of superiors, improve the operational mechanism, management system, business process, and monitor the execution of regional marketing;


  1. Guide subordinate sales managers to develop annual marketing plans; Ensure the smooth completion of the annual plan for the region;


  1. Cultivate sales teams and backup personnel;


  1. Guide sales managers to carry out market expansion and establish and maintain customer relationships, regularly visit major and key customers;


  1. Guide sales managers to conduct market information research and analysis, provide timely feedback, and regularly issue market research reports and reports on key market trends, in order to serve as a basis for the company to adjust sales strategies;


  1. Participate in and assist the marketing department in carrying out phased promotion plans, including brand promotion and product promotion.


Job requirements:


  1. More than 3-5 years of marketing management experience, more than 3 years of sales management experience in plastic modification industry or equivalent position in upstream and downstream industries;


  1. Have a deep understanding of plastic modified products (rPC, rABS, rPET, rPA6, rPA66, etc.) or similar products and technical processes.



About Benefits


Six insurances and one fund:

Pay upon entry and enjoy supplementary commercial insurance;



Free work meal;



Holiday gifts, birthday gifts, free travel, professional training, regular physical examinations, departmental gatherings, group gatherings, quality development, etc;


get accommodation:

Provide accommodation or provide housing subsidies for personnel from other places or locations; Enjoy local talent subsidies and housing purchase subsidies;



Provide equity incentives to outstanding employees.




About Recruitment


Recruitment process:

Submit resume ->resume screening ->initial interview ->final interview ->trial period ->offer;


Resume submission:

  1. Online application channel: Submit your resume through the Boss Direct Employment APP/51JOB/Liepin website. If your resume is suitable, we will reply to you within 2 days


  1. Email channel: Please send your resume to If the resume is suitable, we will reply to you within 2 days


(Resume Naming Format: Name Education Applied Position)



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