Fan blade material suitable for electric fans


What material is the fan casing made of?

The weather is getting hotter and hotter

Compared to my friends, the small fans are also starting to turn!

Turn on the fan and blow it out

Fresh and comfortable

Looking at the small fan in front of me

The editor didn‘t think about it

What material is the blade of this fan made of?

After investigation, it was found that the fan blades are mainly made of metal and plastic. Metal fan blades made of iron or aluminum are currently commonly used in high-temperature, high-pressure, and corrosion-resistant environments, while the general household fan blades are made of opaque ABS, transparent AS, and PP materials.

Let‘s take a look at the advantages and disadvantages of these three types of fan blade materials.

Three types of fan blade materials

Advantages and disadvantages introduction


  1. ABS material


Advantages: ABS has high Hardness, high electrolytic flange ratio and density, fatigue resistance, stress cracking resistance and high impact strength; Resistance to chemical corrosion such as acid and alkali; The price is relatively low; Easy to process and shape, easy to modify, with better overall performance than AS.

Disadvantages: Poor weather resistance and poor light transmittance.

  1. AS Materials


Advantages: Moderate weather resistance, unaffected by high humidity environments, detergent and mild alcohol, less prone to cracking due to stress, high material transparency, better flowability than ABS, and higher hardness.

Disadvantages: Poor fatigue resistance, poor toughness, and generally brittle products.


  1. PP material

Advantages: Lightweight, heat-resistant, corrosion-resistant, and products can be disinfected with steam.

Disadvantages: Poor low-temperature impact resistance and easy aging.

Which material is most widely used?

The answer is: ABS material

In terms of comprehensive performance, ABS is stronger than AS and PP materials, and is in an advantageous position among these three materials. Moreover, ABS has a wider range of applications and is more easily accepted in the market. Whether it is the early product application or the later recycling, ABS application is more mature.

It is worth noting that with the deterioration of the ecological environment, the pressure of Plastic pollution on the environment is also increasing. Many countries and regions have implemented relevant policies that require the mandatory use of a certain proportion of recycled materials in related products. Whether it is market acceptance or for environmental protection, using ABS as the fan blade material is undoubtedly the best choice.

To Topcentral ® The rise of recycled materials is also a major opportunity. Topcentral ® As for PCR ABS, as a strong front One of the most technologically mature materials for recycled plastics, through continuous market testing, the product performance is stable, and the experience in customized innovative solutions for PCR ABS is more mature and robust  PCR ABS is particularly noteworthy.

Topcentral ® IBISS ® 

It is a plastic particle prepared through processes such as pre-treatment and standardized granulation modification of recycled consumer products (including but not limited to household appliances, communication equipment, pipes, plates, coils, consumer electronics, etc.). Based on different recycling sources and quality levels, design classification screening, technological innovation breakthroughs, performance re optimization, and high-quality automated production processing to provide customers with extruded and injection grade rABS particles. The company‘s products cover different sources of lotion method and bulk method, and can provide colors including but not limited to natural color, black, gray, white and other different color systems. It can meet the different application needs of industry customers and provide comprehensive customized system solutions and innovative solutions according to their special requirements.


Product brand


Topcircle ®

TcycleGP ®


Oceancycle ®

Coastbound® OBP,





Product Features


  • Fine design and optimized control of IBISS ®The source and quality of raw materials for rABS, strict management of production and processing processes and technical quality standards, stable and sustainable product performance, can achieve full industry chain traceability;
  • The product complies with ROHS/REACH/FDA/Halogen Free standards and has passed the GRS/TUV/UL/SCS Global/ITE "zero" carbon certification/Coastbound ®OBP;
  • Provide Carbon footprint, carbon emission accounting and other relevant data and certification;
  • Can reduce or reduce carbon emissions by more than 83.3%, and some products have achieved "zero" carbon [cradle to gate];Providing "zero" carbon for IBISS ® RABS FreeCBO2 ® (zero carbon) products;
  • We can provide comprehensive customized system solutions and innovative solutions according to customer customization requirements.


Typical products

Application direction


The products are suitable for downstream deep processing modified granulation, Extrusion moulding, injection molding, and can be widely used in home appliances, appliances, automobiles, packaging, daily chemical products and other products.

After explaining the material issue of the fan blades, do you know which ones are the most comfortable and cool to use for the fan?

The answer is: a three leaf fan, followed by a five leaf fan. This is because the odd number of fan blade structures can form a reasonable dynamic force with each other in mechanics. This design can ensure that it brings a large flow rate and meets people‘s cooling needs on the one hand; On the other hand, the three blade fan conforms to the principle of Fluid mechanics, which can better play the "power" of the electric fan. At the same time, it avoids noise and unexplained shaking problems, reduces bearing wear, and improves service life.



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