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If the Taiwan calendar can also protect the ocean

Is every day more meaningful?


A desk calendar is probably available in every household, whether it is in an office or home setting. It is often used to check daily dates and holiday terms, as well as to make travel and work plans. It is very helpful for planning and arranging one‘s own time reasonably, but it also needs to be paired with a desk calendar holder to display its more value.




At present, the design of desk calendar holders mainly includes various designs such as internal page extraction desk calendar holders, trapezoidal desk calendar holders, triangular ring buckle desk calendars, etc. The materials used are also made of various materials such as cardboard, ABS material, acrylic material, wood, metal, etc. Wood and metal materials are often customized products. Generally, ABS material, paper, and acrylic material are more common in the market. Of course, for environmentalists, Topcentral ® The environmentally friendly cultural and creative products made of marine recycled materials are also worth paying attention to, including desk calendars.

Topcentral® SeaHipot®Cultural and Creative Calendar

Product brand: IBISS® rABS-BP78A

Topcentral® IBISS® rABS-BP78A is a waste ABS material from the ocean, in collaboration with Ocean Partners ® Jointly creating an environmental protection and public welfare recycling plan through SeaHipot®  Recycle and collect Marine debris. The collected marine waste plastics are put into Xihi by professionals  The cabin digital intelligent recycling system, after being identified, effectively sorts waste plastics, and ultimately, the system is managed by Topcentral® Unified research and development and production of marine recycled materials, marine plastic coastbound® OBP content>99%, paper source: 100% PCR Paper, the entire recycling process effectively ensures the quality and efficiency of marine recycled materials.

According to statistics, Topcentral® Each calendar reduces carbon emissions by 567 grams, water consumption by 1616 milliliters, waste pollutants by 211 grams, and tree felling by 149.1 grams.

Of course, Topcentral® I really encourage everyone to actively participate.  SeaHipot® Recycling, participants will return the discarded calendar and paper together after using it Recycling, carbon credits will be refunded after confirmation.

For more information, please scan the QR code below to follow and participate:

  1. Scan the QR code below to enter  SeaHipot® WeChat official account;

  1. Click on the menu in the bottom right corner of My Destiny - Waste Recycling

  1. Click on ‘Waste Recycling, Doing Public Welfare Winning Bonuses and Carbon Incentives‘to view it;



Currently, participating in SeaHipot® There are three main ways to recycle:

Method 1: Actively invest waste into  SeaHipot® Our digital intelligent recycling system provides one-stop services for our staff to turn waste into treasure after receiving it.

Method 2: Through SeaHipot® We will provide door-to-door pickup service for online booking of mini programs, and complete the entire recycling process of waste in the later stage.

Method 3: Actively deliver to SeaHipot® Recycling center, providing one-stop service.


Topcentral® Desk calendar

Why are calendars made from recycled materials from the ocean?


This is different from Topcentral® The concept of sustainable development is closely related. As a recycling enterprise in the mid-range of the industry, we have been thinking about how to use recycled materials more widely in downstream industries. In the end, our team decided to start with daily life products and use marine recycled materials on the desk calendar, which is a bold attempt for us. At the same time, we also hope to use Topcentral® As a communication medium, the desk calendar reminds everyone to protect the marine environment and save resources.


Currently, IBISS® The certification type of rABS-BP78A material is UL OBP&GRS. The product has advantages such as hard performance, good impact resistance, scratch resistance, stable size, moisture resistance, corrosion resistance, easy processing, environmental protection, non-toxic, odorless, easy dyeing, and electrical insulation, which are close to the quality of new materials.




rABS material record




It is a plastic particle prepared through processes such as pre-treatment and standardized granulation modification of recycled consumer products (including but not limited to household appliances, communication equipment, pipes, plates, coils, consumer electronics, etc.). Based on different recycling sources and quality levels, design classification screening, technological innovation breakthroughs, performance re optimization, and high-quality automated production processing to provide customers with extruded and injection grade rABS particles. The company‘s products cover different sources of lotion method and bulk method, and can provide colors including but not limited to natural color, black, gray, white and other different color systems. It can meet the different application needs of industry customers and provide comprehensive customized system solutions and innovative solutions according to their special requirements.


Product brand






Coastbound® OBP,





Product Features


Fine design and optimized control of IBISS® The source and quality of raw materials for rABS, strict management of production and processing processes and technical quality standards, stable and sustainable product performance, can achieve full industry chain traceability;

The product complies with ROHS/REACH/FDA/Halogen Free standards and has passed the GRS/TUV/UL/SCS Global/ITE "zero" carbon certification/Coastbound® OBP;

Provide Carbon footprint, carbon emission accounting and other relevant data and certification;

Can reduce or reduce carbon emissions by more than 83.3%, and some products have achieved "zero" carbon [cradle to gate];

Providing "zero" carbon for IBISS® rABS FreeCBO2® (zero carbon) products;

We can provide comprehensive customized system solutions and innovative solutions according to customer customization requirements.


Typical products


Application direction

The products are suitable for downstream deep processing modified granulation, Extrusion moulding, injection molding, and can be widely used in home appliances, appliances, automobiles, packaging, daily chemical products and other products.







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