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The most suitable material for shoelaces:

PA6 material]


Part 1

Always loose shoelaces

Summer is the exercise season and the peak period for weight loss. Running, as the most common form of exercise, can be said to be simple and convenient. You can put on your shoes and tie your shoelaces to start running downstairs.

Although it is simple to say, for people who don‘t run frequently, the first hurdle that hinders their weight loss is perseverance. Without considerable perseverance, it is easy to give up and cause weight loss failure; Moreover, if the equipment is not properly selected, it is prone to danger during running, such as loose shoelaces.

You will find that shoelaces are easy to loosen during running. If the shoelaces are not found to loosen during running, it is easy to stumble and cause safety accidents such as falls and injuries. Poor quality shoelaces, on the other hand, often fail to meet the corresponding standards in terms of friction coefficient and other quality requirements, making them easier to loosen. However, many of us may not be aware of this type of poor quality shoelace that we are currently using.


Part 2

Advantages of nylon shoelaces

It is understood that nylon shoelaces have advantages such as strong wear resistance, resistance to wear and breakage, long service life, strong tensile resistance, easy cleaning and maintenance, lightweight, good coloring, and rich colors, making them the most common shoelace material.

However, shoelaces are often sold together with running shoes, and it is difficult for ordinary people to identify the quality of shoelaces. However, if the shoelaces of this running shoe can be traced back, the quality of the shoelaces is clear at a glance, and we can confidently choose our favorite running shoes.



It is worth mentioning that the traceability of recycled materials is often only available on sports equipment with recycled materials. In addition, recycled materials are also lower carbon and more environmentally friendly, which are favored by many brand merchants. Therefore, in recent years, recycled materials have also been very commonly used in the sports field.

For example, Adidas has announced a 96% utilization rate of recycled polyester in its products, and will replace all raw polyester with recycled polyester in the future; Lululemon, a globally renowned sustainable sports brand, plans to replace all product raw materials with renewable materials by 2030; Puma‘s football jerseys currently on the market are entirely made of recycled nylon. In the new project, 75% of the material for RE: JERSEY jerseys comes from recycled nylon produced from recycled football jerseys, and the remaining 25% comes from SEAQUAL ® There are many plans for sports brands to adopt recycled materials, such as Marine Plastic 1, which is made from recycled plastic from the ocean.

Anyway, for those who love running, a good friction shoelace is very important.

How to quickly identify the quality of shoelace materials?

Directly focus on Topcentral® RPA6-S22N model material!


Part 3

Topcentral® PCR Nairong® rPA6

It is a PCR PA6 particle prepared through pretreatment and standardized particle modification process based on the recycled fishing net, automobiles, low-voltage appliances, etc. after consumption. The appearance is mainly in natural colors and black, and we can provide customized products for customers, such as Oceancycle®, which is recycled by Xinghai Plastics ), It can meet the numerous needs of injection molding, modification processing, textile spinning, extrusion and other fields, and can provide comprehensive customized system solutions and innovative solutions according to customer special requirements.


Product brand






Coastbound® OBP,

FreeCB02® (Zero carbon),

 Ocean Partner®;


Typical products

Product Features

Fine design and optimized control rPA6 and Oceancycle® The source and quality of raw materials, strict management of production and processing processes and technical quality standards, stable and sustainable product performance, can achieve full industry chain traceability;

The products are mainly white particle products, while black particle products are mainly made of recycled glass fiber reinforced modified materials after consumption;

Provide Carbon footprint, carbon emission accounting and other relevant data and certification;

We can provide comprehensive customized system solutions and innovative solutions according to customer customization requirements;

The product meets ROHS/REACH standards and has passed GRS/UL OBPUL2809/TUV/OP/Coastbound® OBP/FreeCBO2®/ Carbon neutral/Carbon footprint/SCS Global certification work together to build a pioneering and open marine partner ™ Ocean Partner ® Plan;

High purity and transparency, providing a "zero" carbon Oceancycle ® FreeCB02 ® (zero carbon) products;

Some products that can reduce or reduce carbon emissions by more than 92.3% have achieved "zero" carbon [from cradle to gate].


Application direction

The product is suitable for downstream deep processing modification granulation, and after modification, various mechanical parts can be made. It is also suitable for injection molding, spinning and other applications.



Finally, let me share one small point: If you are running at night, it is recommended that you use brightly colored running shoes to make it more eye-catching and improve the safety of night running.




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