2024CHINAPLAS from 1.2 Hall D18 please check



Shanghai National Convention and Exhibition Center, China

April 23-26, 2024




Topcircle® core products are all unveiled;

CircleBlend® full range of products on display;

Join hands with strategic partners to launch comprehensive cooperation,

And on the site to display cooperation results and case sharing;

Open live channels all day long;



Create MINI SeaHi™ innovation ecology on site,

Dual-drive innovation with digital operation and high-value technology,

To form comprehensive innovative solutions for Marine pollutants and environmental pollution control,

Committed to the establishment of "Ocean Partner®" environmental protection cabin full scene innovation ecology,

Addressing Marine pollution and full life cycle regulation.



FreeCBO2®(Carbon Neutral) zero-carbon product range solutions for Oceancycle®, Topcircle® and CircleBlend®: a one-stop shop for brands and industry partners;
Innovative solutions for environmentally friendly materials Muji promotes the creation of an infinite circular ecology.
PS: Creative interactive activities will be launched during the exhibition
And a little gift to take away;



Provide multi-dimensional, all-round and three-dimensional professional field for enterprises and talents

Talent recruitment & job search, carbon credit information, professional credit information, etc

One-stop digital service, improve the efficiency of communication between enterprises and talents,

To realize the optimal allocation of social resources.


The first exhibtion-style talent docking O2O special job fair,

During the exhibition, live broadcast and interaction,

Achieve one-stop talent recruitment, communication and docking.



Focus on the double carbon new material industry
In particular, it focuses on specific application areas such as physical recycling plastics and functional modification of recycled plastics
Provide customers with one-stop digital intelligent online material technology consulting and services, test analysis service research and development technology analysis, quality system innovation and upgrading, process efficiency, energy saving and emission reduction process engineering capacity improvement, system and product and carbon certification and other comprehensive science and technology service solutions.
PS: You can also enjoy more discounts if you order on site



Bye Pino, goodbye to lies,

To be an honest, objective and professional we-media team.

Provide brand culture integrated marketing services,

Exhibition planning/advertising campaign planning, visual communication and application design,

Product design services, full media operation services, etc.

Integrate industry resources,

Strong industry digital network interconnection,

Achieve O2O online and offline two-way interaction and action.



or everyone to see the complete Oceancycle®

Full scene innovation ecology,

SeaHiCaffe®  as an ecological "flow" carrier,

We copied it to the scene.


In this exhibition, SeaHiCaffe® is provided for everyone

In addition to the delicious coffee, we also prepared a lot of welcome gifts:

Brand cross-industry cooperation, live SeaHiCaffe® drinks, coupons collection chapter gift......



Commercial investment


As an innovative specialty coffee brand,

SeaHiCaffe® creates "Coffee + waste recycling + public environmental education + Sustainable + infinite recycling ecology"

Multi-scene new experience, is committed to creating a long-term, stable business space.


This exhibition,

SeaHiCaffe® announced the launch of the "Partner Project" and officially opened to join,

As long as you have a dream, have a sense of responsibility, have the ability to execute, is the practice of public welfare and environmental protection people,


Just take action!

Let's create a beautiful SeaHiCaffe® story together!

PS: More details see the site announcement, please look forward to!


SeaHiCaffe® cabin and SeaHiCycle® recycling to join the investment


SeaHiPot® cabin full scene innovation ecology,

Dual-drive innovation with digital operation and high-value technology,

Forming a long-term ecological public welfare governance mechanism for plastic pollutants,

Relying on the reuse of waste resources, ecology, tourism business, Marine charity and public welfare

And integrate "Internet of things + blockchain + artificial intelligence"


Cloud intelligence full life cycle digital traceability innovation platform

Build SeaHiCycle® recycling, business model innovation and Ocean Partners® charity

Digital cloud intelligent pollution control integrated innovation ecosystem.


The model demonstration site has realized the high-value utilization and reprocessing of products in the whole industrial chain and put them on the market.

Accumulated offline flow of 20,000 + people and online access flow of 300,000 + people,

Build a Marine sustainable economy and common prosperity demonstration fishing village ecological model project.


Welcome domestic and foreign enterprises, organizations and governments and organizations

Visit, exchange and discuss cooperation.

At present, fully open the franchise investment


PS: More details see the site announcement, please look forward to!



Enjoy a glass while walking around the exhibition

The mellow coffee that has been carefully roasted,

Immerse yourself in the infinite circulation ecology brought by Topcentral®,

This is a trip you will never forget!


Topcentral®, looking forward to your visit!




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