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Number of people

Work place

Senior R & D engineer (doctor)

Work content:
1. Focusing on the direction and key areas of the project, participate in the project team to carry out the technical research and development, product development work in the corresponding fields, and actively strive for various scientific and technological projects and talent programs at all levels.
2. Assist in carrying out market research, application development, market expansion, industrialization and other work.

job requirements:
1. Professional doctoral degree such as polymer materials, polymer processing, composite materials and other professional doctoral degrees, acceptable doctoral doctors;
2. Strong self -driving force, active work, and familiarity with product development and industrialization process;

Senior R & D engineer

Work content:
1. Research on engineering plastics (PC, ABS, PET, HDPE, PA, etc.) or elastic research
2. Responsible for the company's formula and adjustment of customer demand materials, accurately grasp the customer's actual application requirements for materials, and independently carry out formula design;
3. Responsible for collecting and organizing technical materials related to plastic modified materials to accumulate technical accumulation;
4. Organize the development and application of new products, new processes, and new materials.


job requirements:
1. Have more than 2 years of research and development and development experience, familiar with various formulas, processing processes and equipment, as well as testing and application tests, proficient in operating single screw and dual screw equipment;
2. Have rich PC modification, PC/ABS modification, ABS flame retardant and enhanced modification, or PA6/66 modification, or PP modification practice experience; or PP modification;
3. Familiar with and understand various testing, application test evaluation and industry standards and specifications, etc.;
4. Familiar with product development experience and successful cases of domestic electrical appliances, consumer electronics, low -voltage electrical appliances, automobiles and public transportation, new energy and other markets;
5. Effectiveness and hard work, willing
6. Master's degree or above, excellent talents are allowed to relax to undergraduate;

Cost accounting

Work content:.
1. Responsible for the processing of various types of materials in the company‘s materials;
2. Review and share taxes related to production related to production, and update the sharing plan in time to ensure that the relevant costs are reasonable, compliant, and accurate;
3. Collect and analyze cost information and data, discover abnormal conditions in costs, and continue to follow up; propose measures and suggestions to reduce costs, and timely improve cost accounting methods;
4. Plan for decomposition of material costs, production expenses, and labor costs; carry out financial inspections, inventory, etc. as required;
5. Statistically analyze the backlog inventory of the company, conduct non -regular inventory, random inspections, and carry out financial inspections, inventory, etc.
6. Timely processing all files, transmitting in time, further deep processing the collected information to achieve the scheduled goal and meet the accounting system;
7. Responsible for ERP‘s related operations and maintenance management, including cost accounting, general account module, and checking work of various submissions;
8. Accounting materials related to this post and the collection, collation, binding, and archiving of related business contracts;
9. According to the process management and company management needs, the implementation of the cost management system is updated.


job requirements:
1. College degree or above, financial and accounting related majors;
2. Junior accounting title, related financial work experience, familiarity with cost accounting process and factory inventory management;
3. There are more than 2 years of cost accounting work experience;
4. Familiar with financial software, proficient in operational office software such as OFFICE;
5. The mind is delicate, has a strong sense of responsibility, and has good work execution, organizational coordination and pressure.

IT network engineer

Work content:
1. Responsible for the network promotion of the company’s official website, WeChat, Douyin and other channels;
2. Responsible for the installation, configuration and daily maintenance of the server;
3. Responsible for the safety, optimization of related platform systems and applications, and fault resolution;
4. Coordinate with relevant departments to do a good job of technical guarantee for operation.

job requirements:
1. Bachelor degree or above, graduated from computers and software majors.
2. Focus and be interested in blockchain technology, big data, cloud computing and services, artificial intelligence, APP and software programming, all things interconnection, software design, algorithm and other.
3. Have a certain learning ability, active thinking, and creativity.

Welfare treatment:

1. Social security: pay for the employment and enjoy the supplementary commercial insurance;
2. Dine: Free work meal;
3. Welfare: holiday gifts, birthday gifts, free travel, professional training, regular medical examinations, departmental dinner, group worship, quality expansion, etc.;
4. Accommodation: Provide accommodation for off -site or foreign personnel, or give housing subsidies;
5. Enjoy local talent subsidies and house purchase subsidies; (different situations, slightly different)
6, incentives: shares of outstanding employees in motivation.

Talent for Win-Win

Organizational capabilities need to be focused. Excellent companies often demonstrate well-known organizational capabilities in two or three areas. Organizational capabilities must be clearly defined so that teams can focus their energy and resources to focus and develop such capabilities.

Career Development Plan


The company pays social security and supplementary medical insurance for employees;


Monthly and quarterly awards for outstanding employees


Provide various subsidies for employees (accommodation subsidies, transportation not mentioned, meal subsidies, job skills subsidies, etc.)


Provide professional skills training for rapid growth

The goal is to cultivate a core talent team of 100 people with assets exceeding 100 million yuan within ten years.

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